Nails Inc. at Shoppers Drug Mart?!


Hey you guys! So I stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart today and obviously checked the nail products aisle and surprisingly . . . I found NAILS INC! In the UK you can get Nails Inc. polishes at a couple of different locations but here in Canada it’s only at Sephora so this really was a surprise. Sadly Shoppers Drug Mart didn’t have a FULL Nails Inc. line of polishes but they did have the display above.

This makes me think that though they don’t carry the Nails Inc. lines that they might just have mini collection displays like this one here and there throughout the year. In the display there were 3 of the original Sprinkles collection polishes that you can buy at Sephora and 1 limited edition Sprinkles polish, 4 of the new shades for Summer, and 2 limited edition feathers polishes.


The first time I spotted the display I purchased the LE Sprinkles polish “Cherry Road” (right) and one of the LE Feathers polishes “Henley” (left).


Later I went back to purchase the last LE Feathers polish “Bath”. You can buy these Nails Inc. polishes currently at Shoppers Drug Mart for $11.50

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